About the PLAN Bees

the PLAN Bees is a project I started in 2007; originally called Project B (B for basement), then Plan B and finally the PLAN Bees to avoid confusion with the rapper, Plan B. After experimenting with some digital recording software on my computer, I was very encouraged by the results and decided this was something I wanted to continue. At first the recordings were very crude, using cheesy drum and keyboard samples, a pitched down guitar for bass, using a limited selection of microphones. Despite the lo-fi sound, I believe I was still able to capture the essence of my songs. Over the years I expanded the equipment in my studio, as well as my collection of musical instruments. I taught myself to better play the drums and keyboards, which are featured more prominently in my later recordings.

My young sons, James and Rory love music and were fascinated by the basement studio. They soon started participating in the process themselves, singing on my songs and making recordings of their own. In 2008 they joined me on stage at our 1st Annual Delaware Street Festival and have played with me every year since. Rory has become quite the little drummer and James really rocks it on vocals and keyboards.

the PLAN Bees website continues to be a place for the boys and me to express ourselves, through music, video and art. All of our material is available here for free. Enjoy!

- John Keffer

Friends of the PLAN Bees


the PLAN Bees SOUND CLOUD Channel

Check out John Keffer's YouTube channel for more videos.

Visit the Guitar Cup website. The guitar cup is a friendly song writting/recording competition and yours truly is a 2 time champion. I also designed the website.

Check out the Simple Events Web Series. It's a great show made by some friends in Hamilton, Ontario, set to the music of the PLAN Bees.

Visit the SUBtractor myspace page. This is the band I played with in the 90s. We still get together and jam every once in a while.